Selecting the construction method, best suited for your project, is an important decision in the overall satisfaction with your finished project.

Here at Standard Structures Inc., we offer one of the most customizable and cost-effective solutions; pre-engineered metal buildings (PEMB).

A PEMB is a custom-engineered building system that utilizes steel framing, roofing, and walls to suit your needs. PEMBs are popular for several reasons:

  • One company provides all building design, fabrication, and delivery.
  • Allow for versatile design elements on interior and exterior; exterior cladding can consist of steel siding, wood, glass, aluminum, masonry, or concrete.
  • Arrive at the jobsite ready to assemble allowing for faster construction.
  • PEMB can be designed with future expansion in mind.

If you feel a PEMB is the proper solution for your project, contact us today and we will start the process.


Starting with a simple sketch or a full set of architectural drawings, SSI will assist you with the complete process of purchasing an engineered metal building(s).

We realize the collaboration, on your project, is a team effort and that begins with our knowledgeable sales staff.

Provided the project’s location and specifications, our experienced sales staff will give you a competitive estimate, in accordance with the governing building codes, and a 3D sketch to better visualize your project.


As soon as your project is decided on SSI will provide you with a detailed contract that defines the scope of work, pricing and other relevant project information, to sign.

Our commitment to you is a top priority and here at SSI we are small enough to maintain personal relationships with all of our employees and customers, but also big enough to handle any size project.


After an agreement is made and the contract is signed, our engineering team will design your PEMB, and provide a stamped set of approval and permit drawings for you to review. At that point, you have the option to approve as drawn or make any necessary changes. If changes are needed pricing will be refigured if applicable, the design revised, and drawings can be resubmitted for you to review.


When the approved project is ready for fabrication, our detailing team will make any necessary adjustments and provide detailed drawings for our IAS accredited shop to fabricate utilizing the latest technology and testing.


Upon completion of your project, it ships on our own trucks with forklift for unloading at the jobsite to your requested location.

Our commitment to you does not end there; feel free to reach out throughout the erection process if you have any issues, comments or concerns.

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